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West Norfolk Community Transport,
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King’s Lynn,
PE30 4JX

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    Left something on one of our buses?

    We will do all that we reasonably can to locate and return any property left on our premises or on one of our buses to its owner. If lost property is not claimed within a month, we will become the owner of the property and will dispose of it to a local charity. All computers, phones and other electronic items containing data will be securely wiped of all data and disposed of, with any proceeds donated to charity.

    If you find lost property on a bus, you must hand it to the driver. Providing the item is not perishable or objectionable, we will keep it for a month. If you claim any item of lost property, you will be required to satisfy us that the item belongs to you, give us your name and address and you may be charged an administration fee.

    If the lost property is perishable and is not claimed within 48 hours of being found, we will dispose of it as we think fit. If perishable property is, or becomes, objectionable or a health risk before the end of the 48 hour period, we reserve the right to destroy or dispose of it at any time.

    If the lost property is contained in a package, bag or other container, we may open it and examine it in order to trace the owner or identify the nature and value of the lost property.

    To reclaim lost property, you should contact WNCTP Ltd and inform us of the bus service on which the item was lost.

    Under normal circumstances, you will need to collect the lost property from our depot at which the lost property is being stored. You will need to pay the cost of postage and packaging in advance if we agree to post the property back to you. Our arrangements comply with the relevant legislation.